Stock Photography Journey – September 2012

So I am pretty much back on schedule now, hopefully it will stay that way! Here are the September 2012 statistics.

September has been my best month so far. A $39 single image sale on Alamy helped a lot – see previous post for more information. Veer sale of $7 also helped.

Shutterstock with $12.57 and  Dreamstime with $10.33 were performing well joined by Yay Micro at $8.10.

To summarize, I have images offered through 23 stock photography websites at this time, even though I am considering not maintaining all of them – time will tell (links to most are offered on the right side of the page).








Sign Elements (formerly iSignStock)


Deposit Photo



Yay Micro

Most Photos



Scandinavian Stock Photo

And here come the monthly charts… (click on each for larger view)

The Bottom Line – Total Revenue

This includes income from image sales and any other bonuses and referral revenue. What is the bottom line for September 2012? The total comes to $88.31, strongest month yet.

Number of Image Downloads

Total of 70 downloads this month – up from 56 in the previous month. This is the absolute number of downloads. One would expect this number to go up over time as more images are added to the portfolio (which I have not done for months 🙂 ).

Earnings from Image Sales

Total of $88.05 this month even with $34.49 in the previous month.  Absolute earnings from all images available for sale.

Portfolio Size

This is the total count of images available for sale. The variances in the size of the portfolio is mostly due to the speed with which various stock photography websites process uploads and how strict they are in their acceptance criteria. As you can see, I have not been very good at expanding my portfolio lately.


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