Stock Photography Journey – February 2012

Another month is over so here are the February 2012 statistics.

Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

The Valentine’s Day photoshoot brought a total of 8 downloads – I suspect that the images were uploaded a bit late for this year… The most succesful image of the bunch:

Some of the other images with sales on various websites are these:

To summarize, I have images offered through 21 stock photography websites at this time, even though I am considering not maintaining all twenty – time will tell (links to most are offered on the right side of the page).

The seven websites with sales this month were:






Deposit Photo


And here come the charts… (click on each for larger view)

The Bottom Line – Total Revenue

This includes income from image sales and any other bonuses and referral revenue. What is the bottom line for February 2012? The total comes to $13.61.

Number of Image Downloads

Total of 35 downloads this month – up from 26 in January 2012. The biggest jump in downloads was on Shutterstock – 27 in February 2012 from 13 in January 2012. This is the absolute number of downloads. One would expect this number to go up over time as more images are added to the portfolio.

Earnings from Image Sales

Total of $13.61 this month up from $9.89 in January 2012.  Absolute earnings from all images available for sale.

Average Earnings per Download

This measure captures the average payout per download and should differentiate websites with high payout per download.

Portfolio Size

This is the total count of images available for sale. The variances in the size of the portfolio is mostly due to the speed with which various stock photography websites process uploads and how strict they are in their acceptance criteria – see the Approval Ratio below.

Approval Ratio

This measure gauges how strict the stock photography websites are in accepting images and potentially how well aligned my portfolio is with their style.

Average Revenue per Image Available

This measure should smooth out the differences in portfolio size.


7 thoughts on “Stock Photography Journey – February 2012

  1. And I also meant to comment on the graphs – I think it is important to keep a good track of what you earn each month. I don’t track downloads (and don’t bother to track acceptance percentages either) – it is just too much work once you really start uploading regularly.

    I’m almost finished creating edition 2 of my book on Getting started in stock – that may have some tips to help you grow.


  2. Good work. My Feb was down a bit, but March picked up with a $20 odd sale on Alamy. I still can’t get onto shutterstock though, I think I’m missing a lot of revenue from that.

    Hope your March was good!!

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